Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Why a blog?

Recently a friend of mine I met as a teenager at church camp sent me her blog link. She and her husband were announcing the birth of their first son and pictures were posted for our benefit. Instantly, I felt connected with her once again despite the years and distance between us. I was able to read through her past postings and feel the pain and joy she has experienced over the last year or so. Thoughts began to flood my mind: Disappointment over friends losing touch; Longing to pursue my dream of writing that I’ve never embarked; Questions as to whether or not anyone would care to read my thoughts and feelings should I create my own blog.

I’ve decided that whether or not anyone wants to join me, it is one way I can pursue my passion of writing. Not to mention there’s really no way of being shot down by anyone telling me my work is not what they want it to be. No deadlines. No chance of failure. The perfect writing environment if you ask me.

I’ll also post the latest news about my father and father-in-law with their battles with cancer as well as my challenge of facing the LaSalle Bank Chicago Marathon this October. It might just be a way for me to stay connected with others despite my insane calendar, too.

Here goes nothing…

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