Sunday, September 16, 2007

The 20-Miler

Yesterday was my longest run yet – 20-miles. I left my house at about 4:45 a.m. and didn’t return home until 10 hours later. The run was along the lakefront in the City of Chicago so we had to factor in the commute. It took me just minutes over 4 hours to complete the 20 miles. My knees are sore but otherwise, I’m feeling good. There are only 3 more weeks until the marathon and we are now tapering down for the event!

I am reminded of how I really do enjoy the runner’s high that comes after a good run! It is absolutely beautiful to run along the lakefront and we had absolutely gorgeous weather! Our muscles were not really wanting to cooperate in the beginning due to the cold. However, once that sun started to shine, it was the perfect running day! We started our run around 7:00 a.m. at Wilson Avenue and did our 6:2 interval all the way out to a half mile past The McCormick Place. At that point, we turned around and completed our run back at the start which became our finish line. Our coaches and the staff of Team in Training had pictures of some patient honorees at the finish line. It really does change a person's mentality when training for an event like this when there is a cause behind it. Those 4 hours went by with only one moment that I found myself telling Fiona we needed to find something to talk about because my body didn't want to keep up.

Just as we were leaving the City, I called home to check on things. Rod informed me that my mom had called to say Dad was out of surgery about 10 minutes prior. He had tubes put into his chest to drain the fluid from around his heart. Doctors have expressed concerned about this fluid since he’s been admitted. (They have already drained it once since he's been there). To prevent any future concerns with the fluid around his heart, they placed a hole in the sac around his heart. Supposedly, this sac where the fluid continues to accumulate is like your appendix. God did give it to us for some reason but doctors aren’t exactly sure why and they do know we can live without it.

The last report I had around 8:00 p.m. last night was that the hospital was managing his pain and he was doing what he could to stay hydrated. To my knowledge, the Ommaya Reservoir will not be put into his head afterall. Instead, chemotherapy will be administered into his spinal fluid directly. He is much more at ease with this decision. In my opinion, as long as he wants to fight and they don't see a huge difference in the outcome, let the man fight. I’m grateful he wants to fight. His doctor told him he believes either process will attain the same goal.

The pain in my knees is like a pinch of your skin. It is so minor compared to what my dad is going through. I am continuing with my challenge as he continues to fight his.

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