Friday, September 14, 2007

Life Goes On

Last night, the girls and I headed to Mokena to pick some pumpkins and gourds from my parents’ garden. We met Fiona and the girls there and my mom happened to be home. Nikelle ran to my mom and gave her a hug as Jaycie yelled “Ga Ga” when she saw her. I really think it was good for everyone involved.

It was a different year. Papa is normally there directing the harvest when we go. This year, a video camera is the only way he will be able to share in the experience. Right on cue, Maty and Nike told Papa they loved him and want him to get better to be with us. I’m glad they are young and don’t have to completely understand what is happening around them.

Traci and Sabrina went to visit my Dad last night and from what mom said when he called, his spirits were lifted. His best friend, Steve, who should allow my dad some good laughs, followed up their visit.

I’ve heard people talk about how life doesn’t stop when we experience tribulations like this. It’s a strange feeling. Driving home last night, I realized I had told Rod I would prepare a taco salad for him to take to work today. It completely slipped my mind. Looking in my rearview mirror, Nike was asleep and it was already 8:00 at night. I really didn’t feel like making any kind of meal at this point. That’s why Rod was picking up a pizza. Was it really already Friday? He said he’d figure something out on his way to work. Thank God for a husband who is understanding and lenient.

As life continues around us today, Dad will be having surgery to insert the Ommaya Reservoir into his brain. I will be drinking a lot of water and watching what I eat (unlike the pizza and cookies I ate last night) (thanks Nell -- for the cookies!) as I prepare for my 20-mile training run on Saturday morning. Not to mention, I'll be going to bed when the sun is barely down so I can get enough rest!

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