Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Wasted Energy

There are many times that I get myself all worked up and stressed out about something that results in just a bunch of wasted energy. For example, last night, we had our first small group.

We have a group meeting in our home to discuss the One-Year-Bible. Our Pastor has encouraged us as a church to read the One-Year-Bible together to get all of us into our Bibles a little more. Rod has wanted to lead a small group for sometime now so it works out for us to lead a group on this subject.

I’ve been stressing out about having people in our home regularly again. We love to host. We love to meet new people. It’s keeping the house clean that always creates stress. I feel like that is where my focus had to be the past two days because I’ve really let the house go with everything else that is going on. However, I was able to get the house in a condition I was comfortable with and still get my running in for the day.

Exhaustion has also described my life recently. When the girls go to bed, I often fall asleep on the sofa. I felt that feeling settling in, as it was time for everyone to arrive. As the couples starting walking in the door, I felt my energy start to perk up a bit and I was as talkative as always during the conversation. People ended up staying an hour after our official small group ended just to get to know one another better.

I am glad Rod was so adamant about hosting a small group. It helps take my eyes off myself for a minute and remember what we are on this earth for. And despite my lack of time, it is always good to meet new people. The day I learn to remember all of this and take it in stride rather than waste my energy stressing about it will be a day of maturity, indeed.

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