Thursday, October 4, 2007

4 Days and Counting...

This morning Rod thoughtfully asked me if I wanted him to leave some leftover pizza for me. I snapped, “No. I don’t want you to leave any pizza for me. I cannot continue to eat that crap! How am I supposed to complete 26.2 miles on birthday cake and pizza?” The poor guy; he just never gets a break being married to me.

I am determined today to start prepping for this marathon on Sunday. There seems to be so much to get read for the day. To give you a glimpse of how unprepared I am for this event, people will say, “Are you ready for Sunday?” or “I’ll be thinking about you on Sunday.” I just look at them dumbly and respond by saying, “What’s Sunday?” Oh, well. Thankfully, I’ve prepared by putting in the mileage.

Maybe I’ll do better today with my eating although that might requiring actually going to the grocery store.

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