Friday, October 12, 2007

A confession

One hot summer day when Nikelle was just a year old, I put her to sleep without her blankets. I just assumed that it was too hot and that she’d fall asleep as usual. That was a big mistake! She cried and cried until I realized what was wrong and gave her those precious blankies! Since then, she has slept with them just about every night as well as at naptime.

Jaycie has simply followed suit. I just assumed that it was because her sister sleeps with two blankies that Jaycie thinks it’s important to have her own. Honestly, it wasn’t something I really gave much thought until earlier this week.

I have a quilt that my Grandma handmade for me when I was a teenager. She crafted it out of old scraps of material; some of which were from dresses my Mom had made me. I've had it since I was about 15-years-old and sleep with it every night. I even take it on trips with me.

When Rod and I first got our dog, she decided to pull part of this quilt through her cage and tore holes in it. When I informed my grandma, she suggested that I just sew some patches over these holes with some type of puppy fabric. So, to be more specific, I have a patchwork quilt.

After the entire marathon debacle, Rod and I stayed in Chicago at a hotel with the girls overnight. We thought we would have some quality family time. Along with everything else that weekend, it did not go as planned.

When we left the City, I was quite relieved. I was looking forward to getting home and getting some rest. We stopped at my parents’ house to visit my dad and Rod mowed their lawn. He was really in overdrive and decided to mow his parents’ lawn as well. We didn’t get home until close to 9 p.m.

It was at this point that I realized I had left my blanket and pillow in our hotel room! I broke down. Nothing – absolutely nothing went according to plan that weekend. I was exhausted and every emotion I’ve allowed to build up inside of me flowed out. (A more accurate description would probably be portrayed if I used the word “erupted” but that’s beside the point.) I could not imagine how a huge hotel like the Hyatt Regency Chicago would keep track of a worn out pillow and blanket but Rod made some phone calls in pursuit anyhow. (Did I mention one of Nike’s blankets was with my quilt as well?)

Late Tuesday morning I received a call informing me “they had good news” and I drove to downtown Chicago (on my own – quite the accomplishment) to retrieve my blanket. Every negative emotion I had towards that hotel was gone. It didn’t matter that I was charged money for phone calls and parking for which we would have made better choices had we been more informed. The fact that I had to share my room with my sister-in-law and brother the night before the marathon because they could not find her room was no longer an issue. They found my blankie and, in one moment, something seemed right in the world.

So, that’s my confession. I have a blankie that I’m obviously quite attached to. I also now understand why my girls are so attached to their blankets. They simply follow in their Mommy’s footsteps.

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