Wednesday, October 3, 2007

The Countdown...5 more days

There are only 5 days remaining until I tackle The LaSalle Bank Chicago Marathon. I can’t believe the day is finally approaching. When I started the training, I had a difficult time believing I would ever feel confident in completing the event. Today, as I look ahead to Sunday, I feel good about what I’ve accomplished in my training. Honestly, I wish I had watched what I was eating a little closer and made certain I was eating healthy. It seems a bit crazy that I have put on all these miles and still haven’t lost weight. At the same time, I will not allow that to diminish my accomplishment one bit.

Beginning today, I will be watching what I eat. Birthday cake and Rice Krispies Treats will not get me to the finish line. It is important that I make sure the calories I put into my body are beneficial. I want to be certain I can complete the 26.2 miles on Sunday morning.

The weathermen are not calling for great weather on Sunday. Rain is in the forecast. Thankfully, they’ve been wrong before and even if it does rain, we’ve run in rain before. It’s the spectators I’m concerned about. Please know (those of you who have expressed the desire to attend the marathon) I will not be disappointed if the weather is bad and you don’t come. We don’t need everyone sick because I needed support to complete this race. At the same time, if the weather is cooperative, I am excited to see some of you on the sidelines as I race for a cure. Look for me in the purple jersey. Let me know if you’ll have any way for me to find you on the sidelines. Purple and Teal are the Team in Training colors. I’m going to go out to see if I can find poster board that color for Rod to have signs so I can find him. If nothing else, after the race (probably about 5 ½ hours), I will be at the Team in Training Tent in Charity Village so I can always meet up with people there and Rod will have our cell phone with him during the race.

To each of you, thank you for your support through all of this. Monetarily, Prayerfully, Emotionally. With each step I take, you will be with me. I believe wholeheartedly in this cause. Research has come such a long way but it still has a long way to go, too. I just read recently that cases of lymphoma are increasing rapidly. And as I’ve said in the past, there still is no cure for the leukemia my father-in-law battles.

I hear the Cubs will be at Wrigley Field for the playoffs on Sunday. It sounds like Chicago will be the happening place to be for the weekend. I’m glad I already have a hotel room the night before. You might want to consider taking public transportation if you are headed downtown on Sunday. It will be one crowded city. The map of the course can be found at

With a reason bigger than myself, I will cross that finish line this Sunday afternoon!

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