Friday, October 5, 2007

Hey, Hey, Hey -- Potty!

Yesterday Jaycie yelled, "Nini! Wait!" as Nikelle ran into the bathroom to do her business. Jaycie followed behind and we got her situated on the little potty chair. She often likes to sit on her potty chair to immitate her big sister. I have not encouraged or discouraged this as I've had a few other things to think about.

I left them to themselves as I usually do until I heard Jaycie yelling at Nikelle, "Nini! Wa wa! Nini! Wa wa!" I wasn't sure if I heard correctly. Was Jaycie attempting to inform her big sister that she went potty in the potty chair? She did! We gave high-fives and cheered. I even allowed her to call "Ga Ga" (my mom) to inform her of what a big girl she was. So, why not allow her to go around without pants for a while? Besides, it's not easy putting a diaper on a child while I'm talking on the phone.

I hung up the phone with my mom and went to find Jaycie peeing on my carpet by her toys! Oh, well. It was an exciting moment while it lasted.

Jaycie did decide to use the potty chair again before she took a bath later in the morning. Both times, we were only dealling with a trickle. I guess it looks as though I'm going to have one more thing to add to my to-do list.

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  1. Tristi, that's great! You need to borrow our carpet shampooer?

    Is shampooer even a word?