Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Outlook Altered

Our outlook on the circumstances in our life can completely alter our day. Yesterday, I had one of those days that every mom (and human being for that matter) can relate to.

I woke up to be greeted shortly by Jaycie’s all too familiar screaming. No idea what is wrong with the child other than the fact that she is her mother’s daughter and knows how to scream – loud. The only thing that would comfort her was Papa and Gaga videos. She loves to sit and watch home videos. Of course, that allows me just minutes to get something accomplished before I am beckoned to join her on the sofa with her on my lap. I just succumbed to the fact that it would be some quality time for the both of us (not to mention I take any excuse to sit on my rear end.) Sitting with her only comforts her until the moment she decides she would really rather stand. Correction: she would really rather I stand and hold her. I agreed to that until she threw her head into my mouth and gave me a fat lip. At that point, I just put her in the pack-and-play and went up to the bathroom to cry.

Thankfully, it was soon time to take Nike to school and naptime always coincides. Making my way back downstairs to feed them lunch, I found my two-year-old asleep where I left her. Now what? Do I wake her up so I can have the scheduled time-out I desired or leave her sleep so I don’t have to listen to her scream? I decided to wake her up and listen to her yell.

Jumping into the van to take Nikelle to school, we pulled into the parking lot just shy of the start time. As I hopped out to get the girls out of Rod’s van (I was lucky enough to have possession of it this day), I noticed the flat tire on the rear of the driver’s side. Not just low on air but completely flat. I had to be driving on the rim. Trying to fight off tears and listen to a woman who was kindly offering her assistance, I listened to my oldest daughter’s command, “C’mon, Mom. We’re going to be late.” Everything in me wanted to just go home and crawl into bed.

A friend of mine was kind enough to take Jaycie and I home as I awaited instructions from Rod about his van. After talking to him, I was to wait for him to get home. This required calling in yet another favor from my sister as I had a dentist appointment in the afternoon. I couldn’t stop my mind racing ahead to the following day and my full schedule that awaited me…without a vehicle?

Hindsight allows me to see things in a different light. We’ve had a concern about the breaks on Rod’s van for some time now and this very well could have been God’s way of keeping us safe. (Especially considering this was a specific request Rod had asked of God.) The timing of finding the flat tire allowed me to make alternative plans to get to the dentist (as I would have normally walked Nike to school and not found out until just a couple hours prior to my appointment). It was also good to see the way I am surrounded by people who will lend assistance. How often to I try to just tackle everything in my life on my own?

As to how my outlook can effect my entire day – things tend to snowball as we allow frustration, disappointment and anger to envelop us. I really was looking forward to running some errands prior to the dentist without children and was allowing myself to focus on that rather than look at what could be going on outside of that.

Was this flat tire just another obstacle in my life or an opportunity for God to remind me that He is well in control of every aspect of my every day?

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