Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Third Dad Update 10-30-07

My dad is currently entering surgery (7:30 p.m.; Tuesday night). His tongue and glands are severely swollen. Doctors are concerned that without the surgery, he will not be able to breathe and could die in the middle of the night. They are placing a breathing tube down his throat. Please play this will be successful so they do not need to do a more drastic surgery. Additionally, they will be placing a feeding tube into him as he will not be able to receive nutrition while this breathing tube is in.

This is quite discouraging. The past few days he has been weak but feeling well. To have all this is overwhelming. I know our God is strong. I know he works miracles. I also know NOTHING is impossible with him and that includes healing my Dad. (I watched Facing the Giants this afternoon which gave me great comfort emphasizing that point.) It's hard to think about the pain he is enduring at the moment and all that he and my mom are having to go through. They are not able to step back for a moment to get their bearings to cope. I am. Please pray for my dad and my mom.

Please pray that he will be able to come through this quickly and that this cancer can be beat!

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