Thursday, October 11, 2007


Fiona and I are obsessed with thinking about how we can complete the 26.2 miles we have trained so hard for. We have decided to participate in the Indianapolis Marathon on Saturday, October 20th. The experience of our family cheering us on will not be present but we will have the personal satisfaction of achieving goals we had set for ourselves.

Running/walking is addictive. It’s something I picked up back in 2004 and I love the high after a good run or even a run/walk. We practice a run/walk strategy of 6 minutes running: 2 minutes walking. This has been a very effective strategy thus far and will hopefully carry us across the finish line in Indianapolis.

Only God knows what kind of weather we will have but I’d almost bet there won’t be a 90* heat index this time!


  1. It was sweatshirt weather in Indy today. Glad you'll be finishing the race here!

  2. Loved reading your blog - especially the post about not eating the pizza!!