Thursday, November 1, 2007

Dad Update 11-1-07

My dad was able to have the breathing tube taken out this morning! Thank God it did not have to be in any longer. With every moment it was in, there was the possibility of infection. Now he just needs to get out of ICU (every moment he's in there is another possibility of infection).

Doctors have determined that all of this drama with his tongue is due to a staff infection. Whether it is from a new staff infection or it is the same MRSA that has been in his body that decided to attack a sore on his tongue, I don't know. The swelling has gone down and the sores have diminished. (Previously his tongue was black and now my mom said it looks fairly normal.)

The concern is that he still has a fever. Cultures are still being grown to see if he has another infection in his blood. My dad is far from being out of the woods but it is incredibly cool to see how awesome God is through all of this!

Thank you for your continued prayers. Please pray he can fight off this infection(s) so that they can return to focusing on beating this cancer!

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