Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Dad Update 11-6-07

Dad is home again. He will see his doctor tomorrow just to talk and possibly see when things will get scheduled next. Seeing as how they don't have any bone marrow tests scheduled, it's unlikely that we'll know too much until the following week.

Dad is much weaker than before he entered the hospital but I visited him on Sunday and he looks much better than I had expected. There is a good slice of his tongue missing but I was still able to understand everything he said. I can't understand what he's going through in any way. I'm just grateful that God continues to provide him with strength and bring him through all these obstacles that keep coming his way.

My prayer right now is that through a miracle, he wouldn't have to go through another round of chemotherapy but just go straight to the stem cell procedure. Even still, I know God is faithful and will carry us through whatever is ahead.

Mom has to go to the Board of Review today for their tax appeal. It seems crazy to me that they have to continue to fight things like this amongst everything else they are dealing with. Still, God's hand is shown as Dad is home so it is easier for mom to do this. I'm praying for peace and a fair outcome in this situation.

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