Friday, November 23, 2007

From the Harvest to the Hope

Yesterday we spent the day at my brother, Trent's. He and his wife had a wonderful spread. They do a great job on the food. We always have more than enough. He does an incredible job with the meat! He has a smoker grill that he uses and douses a lot of it with brown sugar. Yum! Needless to say, I ate more than I needed to.

Today I woke up early to catch some shopping deals. I was able to get everything I was looking for and even had time to pick up my two oldest nieces for a few hours of shopping (a Christmas tradition) and some lunch.

Tomorrow we transform my parents house from the Harvest to Christmas. We are hopeful that Dad will be able to come home later in the week and we'd like him to be able to enjoy some of his favorite Christmas movies with the decor surrounding him.

The good news is that this new round of chemotherapy looks like it is being effective. He still has one more round of the 24-hour IV drip after this one and then a big day on Monday with more chemo. He's really hoping to go home on Tuesday. Our prayer is that complications continue to stay away and that all will go well so this can happen.

It was a strange holiday with him at Loyola. At the same time, it made me appreciate my siblings a little more.

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