Monday, November 26, 2007

Get Over It!

Overeating. It’s a word most of us can relate to coming off the Thanksgiving holiday. In my mind, I had planned out the food I would eat over the holiday so I could feel good about myself heading into this week. My plan quickly unraveled and I failed. I can beat myself up over my bad choices or I can learn from them.

I am slowly learning different triggers that cause me to overeat. When I am overtired, I eat mindlessly hoping I will get some energy as a result. Being over hungry prevents my mind from registering “full”. I eat whatever is convenient when I am overscheduled. And when life is overstressed I eat whatever comfort foods I can find in my pantry, fridge, or anywhere for that matter.

Overtired. Over hungry. Overscheduled. Overstressed. If I am facing one of these struggles, it is possible to overcome my bad eating habits. These past few days, however, have been jam-packed. Numerous times throughout this week, I’ve been struggling to keep my energy up. I’ve been overtired. We haven’t been eating at home and therefore, have not been eating at my usual mealtimes leaving me with that over hungry feeling. Overscheduled is an understatement as I haven’t been home for much reason other than to sleep since Thanksgiving morning. And facing the holidays and life in general has created stress that is over the top. My response is to overeat.

I wake up in the morning with every intention to eat well and yet lately I’ve eaten everything in sight: doughnuts, pizza, numerous Thanksgiving meals; birthday cake; leftover Halloween candy; etc. For a stretch, I will eat very well. I’ll be mindful of what I put into my mouth and avoid empty calories. Then there are these days where I can’t get control, have no time to plan and give in to every temptation I’m faced with.

Today, I’m choosing to move on. Every moment is a choice. I am able to control what I put into my mouth. I can continue to make excuses and beat myself over my bad choices. Instead, I will identify my trigger points and get over it! After all, every day is a fresh start.

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