Monday, November 5, 2007

God First?

I've received a couple of good suggestions on fighting my terrible eating habits. Thanks. I'm always open to more. This past weekend would be considered a success in this area. Friday, Saturday and Sunday were fairly controlled when it came to what I placed into my mouth. Even while having some pizza Saturday night. That Halloween candy still remains in bags in the garage for the girls to choose pieces from every now and then. I did steal their Curves granola bars but I don't believe they'll miss those. Those granola bars were a pretty good choice when there is still that full size Hershey's Bar with Almonds in the trick-or-treat bag. One thing I know is that I cannot allow myself to get overly hungry. I lose all control when I reach that point (the Curves bars were to help prevent that state).

Dennis talked about God First when it comes to our giving this Sunday morning. This made me think a lot about my time. Do I offer my time to God first? I believe this is my biggest struggle. I like to blame it on the kids, but it is my own fault. I will watch t.v., eat, spend my time on the computer, jump on the treadmill, or even just veg out. God needs to be first. This morning, I woke up and pulled out my one-year-Bible and read. That's a good start.

It would also be helpful to have God first when I'm eating. Sure, we pray before mealtime when we sit as a family. To be completely honest, when it's just me and the girls, I don't. This could do a lot to change my relationship with food if I would simply give thanks before I place anything into my mouth. After all, he brought the pie, right?

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