Friday, November 2, 2007

Is there a problem with my scale?

This morning I stepped on the bathroom scale with hopes that some miracle occurred and I would have lost weight overnight. Here’s why it would have taken nothing shy of a miracle:

I went to MOPS (Mothers of Preschoolers) last night knowing I would be faced with a smorgasbord of delicious food. My goal was to serve myself one plate of food (reasonable) and only one plate of food – that meant not returning for a second helping. Often as I do, however, I went back for that second plate. Deciding I needed to throw my plate in the garbage to prevent me from eating any additional food, I grabbed a chocolate chip cookie and brownie on the way back to my seat. That put me into that “blah” feeling of having eaten too much. Still, when I returned home, I served myself up the leftover (fattening – filled with butter and sugar) sweet potato casserole and watch some television with my husband. (The “Blah” feeling had dissipated by the time I returned home having had a couple hours pass.)

I have an ongoing struggle in this area. My goal at this point in my life is to conquer this sin of gluttony I continually participate in. The difficult part is that I am faced with this temptation many times throughout the day. It is especially difficult for me to stay mindful of what I put into my mouth when I am tired or at a social function.

I’m up for suggestions. I am a lifetime Weight Watchers member and believe in the program. I’m just having a difficult time getting control of my eating habits. It’s not so much about my weight as it is with the amount of food and lack of nutrition I place into my body.

I can make all kinds of excuses but the bottom line is that I enjoy food and eat too much of it. I’m looking for some action steps (or a good kick in the butt). Anyone willing to share some advice?


  1. Hi Tristi,
    I have been following your blog with interest from the beginning and I really enjoy it.

    I am also praying right along with the rest of your Rock Run family for your dad and your family.

    When I quit smoking I talked to God continually and offered up every minute I didn't smoke to him. I ate my carrots and reminded myself that everytime I didn't fire one up, He would bless me one hundred fold in other ways.

    That and I just lived one minute at a time. Maybe if you lived one meal at a time - and intentionally looked for things to eat that would be healthier for your body. Fruits can be sweet to fulfill that craving and yet healthier for your body...

    just a thought. good luck to you, my friend...

  2. I eat whatever is in the house. If I buy that bag of Kettle Cooked BBQ potato chips, I start eating them in the car on the way home! So, I found it helpful to watch what I buy.

    I also used to eat late at night. I noticed my weight dropped when I stopped doing this. If I'm hungry and its late, I go with a tofu product (there I go with the tofu again!). Anyway, its low in carbs & high in protein, so it works for me when the late night munchies strike.

    As far as parties go - be realistic. Give yourself the freedom to have that cookie if you want it. I have found it helpful not to stand next to the food. When I did this I'd just absentmindedly keep reaching & eating.

    Just a few suggestions - good luck!

    And if none of these work, I can
    always pull out the boots...

  3. I was beginning if anyone had any suggestions on this! :)

    Lorraine, that's a good reminder to offer every moment up to God. When I first lost the weight, my goal was to honor God. My mindset could certainly use a change. Right now, it's all about getting to a magic number. I'm going to remember to turn to God to give me self-control and thank him for every moment that is a success.

    Kelly, the one time I had tofu, I thought it was terrible. Any suggestions for some of these tofu products that you enjoy? I'm sincere in asking. I've been attempting to change what comes into our house. Both with not bringing in the junk (although there is the Halloween candy...) and with more natural products as well. I'd be up for some specific food suggestions. And as for standing by the food, that's a good tip. I have to quit allowing it to call my name and focus on the people a little bit more.

    Thank you both for the encouragement!

  4. I love Morning Star products! They're in the frozen food section of the grocery store. I recommend starting with the Chik'n Nuggets or Buffalo Wings - yummy!

  5. Thanks. I'm going to the grocery store in the next couple of days and I'll try picking up the nuggets!

  6. Have you tried chewing gum? I go through a crazy about of Extra peppermint gum. I keep a constant stash in my drawer at work. With coworkers' candy dishes and an in-building 7-11 full of snacks to tempt me, I find it helpful to have a sweet, fresh taste in my mouth throughout the day. (Doesn't always work, but I've avoided pointless snacking in the past through it, and I think it overall helps.)

  7. Thanks for the idea, Eva. I'm willing to try anything. And I think you're right. Sometimes, it's just getting a different taste in my mouth.