Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Looking for Input

This past Friday was my parent/teacher conference for Nikelle. I had an informative visit with her teacher and found out my child is an average kid. Thank God for that! At the same time, her teacher informed me that I need to start thinking about first grade! Arghhh! I do not look forward to sending her to school all day. Well, honestly, there might be some perks...but there are so many reasons for my hesitancy. Mainly, it's SO out of my control. It's going to be a huge learning experience in trusting God next year.

So, here are our two options: Pershing and Eisenhower. Both our public schools. Eisenhower you have to test into. Class size is supposed to be smaller. I've already been receiving input from Amy as her children attend(ed) Eisenhower but I'm looking for any other input I can receive. Pershing is much closer (I could just drop her off). Eisenhower she'd take the bus and leave at the crack of dawn (although I know I could always drive her, too)!

I hate having to think about all of this now. I really don't want to but I know it's necessary. Private school is not an option due to finances and I have no patience to home school. I also support the public schools. I felt it was a profitable experience for my relationship with God. I received a lot of ridicule and learned how to take a stand. At the same time, Rod and I have always said we will take things one day at a time and one child at a time. If the school we place them in is not working for them, we'll reconsider our options.

Again, it's between Pershing School and Eisenhower Academy. Any input would be greatly appreciated!


  1. Hi Tristi!

    I don't know anything about the particular schools in your area, but I can give my 2 cents as a mom and as a teacher.

    I read an article last year that reminded me of God's purpose for us as parents--to raise our children to grow up and leave us someday--prepared to face the world out there and the challenges it sends their way each day. It was a good reminder to me that as much as I want my girls to stay babies forever, I really have to do whatever it takes to teach them to leave me.

    That being said, as a mom and as a teacher, I have seen both sides. Kayleigh is a very timid little girl. I don't want her timidity to hold her back from school success and standing up for what she thinks is right. I attempt to involve her in things that will make her a bit nervous now, so that when school/the world gets a little harder in a few years, she will have worked through some of her dependence on me for feeling safe.

    I would probably send her to the school that would cause her to do the most things independently--ride the bus, get to her class, etc. even though it would make me feel more stressed out than just dropping her off at a school closer to home.

    Only you know your own child and what she really needs. Whatever you decide, sign her up wholeheartedly and talk it up big to her. She'll love going to school all day and will meet so many new friends. I think you are 100% right in sending her to public school--it will only serve to strengthen her walk with the Lord as she encounters people with different sets of morals and beliefs.

    Keep up the good work as a mom--you are doing such a great job with your girls!!!!!!!

  2. Hi Tristi,

    Both my boys went to Eisenhower. I was very happy with it and - more importantly - so were they.

    I subbed at Pershing and I enjoyed that too. The faculty and staff were professional, the teacher's lesson plans were always well prepared and the classrooms were well behaved.

    I would recommend you tour both schools and see where your gut takes you. And trust God to bring you and them to the right place :)


  3. Thank you for your comments. It's good to get some input. Lorraine, it's good to hear that if Nikelle does not attend Eisenhower that Pershing should still be a good school. I think I'll take your advice and tour both schools. Vicki, you're so right that Nikelle would make many friends and enjoy the school. I'm just worried about the extra work it will create for me should her sweet little spirit be changed. It will be a lot of trusting God. Better get praying!

  4. Tristi,

    I've gone through sending 2 kids now to 1st grade (Jared is in 1st grade this year). Both times it was difficult for me. They were gone, every day, all day (well 7 hours - it felt like all day to me). I would say the first week was hard for me. I cried, time went by slow and I felt anxious in which times I would pray and ask God to help me get through the day and give me peace.

    One thing I can say is that I never really tried to squash those God-given feelings of nurturing and concern for my kids. I believe God made us mothers in this way to bring up our kids and be what they need. However, I asked God to help me through it and trusted Him through whatever next step my kids were taking in growing up.

    I don't know anything about the schools you are talking about, but I would have to say in general that the smaller class size would feel right to me.

    I drive my kids to school. They don't receive bus service, and I have to say that even if bus service was available I would probably still drive them to school. The time we have to talk on the way to school and prepare together for their day is something I have come to value. And I think they do to. Especially with the mad dash (at least at our house) to get ready in the morning for school. It's nice to finally get in the van and calm down and "regroup" before they head into school. We also get to pray together.

    That's just my two cents. This parenting thing is quite an adventure and no decision is small. It is great that you are looking to God in advance for this decision. From what I know of you, you'll be able to see it when He shows you the way. I'll be praying for your guidance in this.

  5. Last year when Simone was in 4th grade she had a long term sub when her regular teacher was on maternity leave. The sub wrote all the kids notes when she left and in Simone's, part of what she said was, "You are a joy to have in class. You are industrious, cooperative, willing and eager, but what I really admire about you is your sweet, gentle nature. I am proud to know you." Needless to say it is a note that I will always keep, but my point is that it is well-known at school that Simone is a Christian, and it just makes me so happy to see that she is being such good witness even at 10 years old...I'm sure Nikelle will be, too!!

  6. Can I just say how thankful I am for everyone's input? I am. Thank you and keep it coming. Amy, thanks for the encouragement that a child entering school with a sweet spirit can always continue to have that same sweet spirit and remain strong! Cheryl, I am grateful for your input and prayers. I've said that I would want to drive the girls to school even if there was bus service but have been looking at the convenience of accomplishing things at home instead. I'm going to revisit this as I give it to God in prayer.