Saturday, November 24, 2007

A Revelation

Growing up, I was always the youngest. At home, I was the baby of the family. My classmates at school were all older than me due to the later birthday cut-off date. Once again, I was the youngest of my "peers" in our small church youth group. (The ages ranged from 13-22, as the college-aged group was included as well.)

Needless to say, when I married Rod, I was able to keep this “young” complex. (Rod is 7 years older than I am.) As we’ve met new friends and gotten involved in different small groups, I’ve always been one of the youngest. Until recently, that is.

It was one of our first small group meetings this year that it dawned on me. The newlyweds in our group were talking about college. Another couple with a toddler could relate well to this “era” being discussed. I honestly was not hearing much of what was said at that point. Calculations were going on in my head as I realized I was no longer part of the “young” crowd.

Today, it’s official. I turn 30. To be honest, I’m not the least bit upset about turning 30. Yes, this number confirms the recent revelation I’ve had that I’m no longer “young” but I’m far from upset.

For me, my birthday still remains to be two things:

1. This is a day we all celebrate my birth. What gets better than a day about me? and

2. This is a day where I can personally thank God for another year of life. It is another reminder to thank Him for the many blessings He has rained down upon me in the past years.

My dad used to read verses in church prior to leading the congregational singing. One day, in particular, I recall a verse he read for my mom’s birthday. Today, I thought it was appropriate to sum up my own:

“I was young and now I am old.” – Psalm 37:25a

I am so thankful for another year of life!


  1. Happy Birthday Tristi!

    Enjoy your day & keep on sharing that wonderful spirit of yours!

  2. I turned 30 a week after Elliot was born. Next year, Craig will be old enough to run for president. :) It's great being married to someone older than you so he can hit all of the big ones first and break you in to the sound of being "30"...and we won't talk about the next age just yet. ;)

  3. Tristi,

    Happy belated birthday. Thanks for sharing your blog with me.

    Here's one to encourage you. I can't remember when I haven't been the OLDEST on our church softball team. We'll actually, I guess I can sort of remember.. it's been about 10 years.
    Being the older, more mature one is actually ok. I did say more mature, right?

    Praying for your family.

    Uncle Charlie

  4. Uncle Charlie,
    Thanks for the comment.