Monday, November 19, 2007

Some helpful advice...and my scale

I have really received some helpful advice from my previous post “Is there a problem with my scale?” (I had the Morning Star chicken nuggets in my hand at the grocery store, Kelly. I just couldn’t bring myself to buy it.) Some of the advice was sent directly to me through e-mail and I think it was the advice that resonated with me the most. Therefore, I thought I’d share it with you as Thanksgiving is now just days away.

“…The more I told myself no, the more enticing the food became…what I have arrived at is that no food in and of itself is bad food…I normally eat pretty well but if I want a candy bar I eat one. I eat it slowly and enjoy it completely with no guilt. Then I go back to eating well. One thing that has also helped is that 98% of the time I will not eat past the point of "no longer hungry." I stop before "full." Another thing is that if I want to eat something and I know that I've been indulging too much that day I'll tell myself that tomorrow is another day...if I REALLY want that bowl of ice cream but I've already eaten cookies, I say, "tomorrow I can eat ice cream." When I'm at special gatherings I don't eat anything that I normally eat. Like on Thanksgiving I usually don't eat the roll or the mashed potatoes because those are things I can eat anytime. That way I'm not stuffed at the end of the meal even if I have had a nice helping of [insert food here] (I only eat it once a year).”

These have been some thoughts I have really been trying to consider as I’ve faced my struggle with food each day. To be honest, it has helped. Not every time, but overall, it has helped.

Yesterday I attended a baby shower where I encountered the buffet. (It helped that I didn’t have Jaycie with me so that I could think a little more clearly.) I took Nike up to get her food first. (This way I was able to see what there was to eat before I filled my plate.) After I got her all situated, I went back for my salad. I sat down to eat it and enjoyed some good conversation. Then I went up for my meal. I chose some corn, a small amount of smashed potatoes, some beef and chicken. I chose not to eat the skin on the chicken and again enjoyed some good conversation as I ate. I did not feel a need to go back for a second helping even though I kept thinking about it and was encouraged to get more. When it came time for cake, I said I would share a piece with Nikelle. Still, I was given a small piece of chocolate cake to which I did not refuse. I recalled the above advice that I could eat it and enjoy it without guilt because I was at a special occasion. To be honest, I even went home and ate the chocolate covered pretzel stick (a treat I truly enjoy). I figured I had gone for a 30-minute jog prior to church that morning so I was ok.

Bottom line: I feel good about my experience yesterday. I never experienced that “I’m stuffed” feeling that I would normally encounter. I enjoyed a good visit with family and conquered a small battle for one moment that is a constant struggle for me. It’s a good feeling heading into the week of Thanksgiving.

I hope the above advice is able to help some others as it has helped me. By the way, I’m hopeful my scale is working as the numbers have gone down slightly. Either way, I was able to comfortably wear an outfit to the baby shower yesterday that I wanted to be able to fit into before my birthday. That, in and of itself, feels very rewarding.

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  1. This is excellent advice - thanks for sharing!

    btw - I'll bring you a nugget to church sometime so you can try before you buy!

    I'll think you'll be pleasantly surprised - in a good way!