Friday, November 16, 2007

The Tuttle Family

Here is my family at "The Farm" over Labor Day weekend.
From Left to Right Bottom: Therin (Trent's son), Nikelle (my daughter), Maty (Will's daughter) and Mongo (one of Trent and Beth's dogs)
From Left to Right Middle Row: Trent (my brother), Will (my brother), Dad (also named Will), Cameron (Traci's son), Tommy (Traci's husband) and Thomas (Traci's son)
From Left to Right Back Row: Beth (Trent's wife), Me, Jaycie (my daughter), Rod (my husband), Fiona (Will's wife), Elena (Will's daughter), Mom (Dorothy), Cassandra (Traci's daughter), Sabrina (Traci's daughter) and Traci (my sister)

I'm the youngest of four siblings. Trent is one year and two days older than I am. Will is next in line and Traci is the oldest. Just thought I'd give you some faces and names to go along with those prayers.

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  1. Beautiful family. Some familiar faces to me. These kinds of photos are treasures. Thanks for sharing.