Thursday, December 20, 2007

Be Still and Know

I'm feeling as if life is making it impossible to focus on the true meaning of Christmas. The "to do" list never seems to fade and there is always some sort of responsibility getting in the way of quieting my heart and remembering what this season is all about.

Last night on the radio Mary Did You Know was playing. This song does something to my heart that no other song can really do. If you need a reminder of the reason for this season, take a look at this video. I hope it can quiet your heart a bit as it did mine.


  1. Tristi, I love this song too. Seeing the video just makes the impact stronger. Thanks for sharing this. Especially at a time where my heart so longs for focusing on the real meaning of Christmas, but there are so many other things pulling at me.

  2. Thanks. Its so hard for me to imagine why someone wouldn't want to "celebrate" Christ this season. What a wonderful event in our history! I've had a different Christmas season this year. I am truly focusing on Christ and trying not to let anything distract me.