Monday, December 17, 2007

Christmas Time is Here

Last week I was quite excited as I got ready for church. I was able to fit comfortably into a pair of jeans I hadn't worn in quite some time! This gave me some good self-esteem as I headed into the week.

This Sunday, let's just say those jeans weren't quite as encouraging! That's what happens when I choose not to deny myself anything! I have eaten mindlessly and intentionally -- eating just because I wanted to. The results: I've been rewarded with an unhealthy, unhappy weight-gain this week (and I'm not talking just a 0.2 pound gain either).

My goal is to be mindful about what I put into my mouth this week. I need to intentionally deny myself different foods and be choosey about the calories I allow myself. I know better but Christmastime is one time I like to celebrate! (This is the mindset that gets me into trouble.)

Too bad I can't celebrate daily with others as well as daily by myself and still fit into my clothes!


  1. Perhaps instead of deny, you can replace? Celebration is such a nice word - how about intentional celebrations that don't involve eating? Do you enjoy candles or lotion? I can't get enough of the yummy Temptations scents at Bath and Body Works.

    I hate to think of you being hard on yourself (your lovely, strong, marathon-running self!). Perhaps moderation or replacement can help where denial is proving difficult.

    I admire the healthy steps you've taken, and I hope you find a peace-filled, encouraging way to handle the season and its many taste temptations! (Extra Gum just came out with a new, even mintier peppermint flavor - it's kept my mouth occupied more than once at work when the alternative would have been coworkers' candy dishes!)

  2. Eva, thanks for your comment. Every day is a constant struggle for me. I do have an addiction to food. Therefore, when it's in front of me, I enjoy eating it. However, I do need to keep my focus on people and gum certainly wouldn't be a bad idea. It's a day-to-day struggle. Some days I do well, some days not so well. It helps to talk about it. When I admit I'm struggling, it helps to keep me in check. Thanks for your encouragment and advice!