Monday, December 10, 2007

Dad Update 12-10-07 and The Reindeer Run

When I called my parents' house this morning, Dad answered the phone. He was able to tell me he was feeling decent this morning and spoke with hope about the future. That was good for my heart to hear.

He went to the hospital today for another IV push of chemotherapy as well as lab work. They decided he needed another platelet transfusion but all else seems to be as it should. He will meet with his doctor on Wednesday and we look forward to hearing what the next step will be.

Dad's appetite is still strong. He is a skinny man these days so it's always encouraging to hear that he is eating. He has also been working to fight dehydration on a daily basis as well.

I completed the Reindeer Run on Sunday with appropriate weather for the month of December. Dad's words were in my head the entire run as though he were running right beside me. Reality is that Dad physically running a race is too far into the future to ponder. However, the race he is running every day is inspiration for my life.

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