Saturday, December 22, 2007

Dad Update 12-22-07

I haven't given an update on Dad recently because not much as changed since my last post on December 12th. We do hold to the saying that "no news is good news" with this situation. Still, I thought I would post an update for those of you who are curious as to his condition with Christmas a few days away.

Dad's blood has been holding. The numbers are not rising but they are not dropping either, which is good. Today, his Christmas gift from the home nurses is an extra bag of blood and platelets. He doesn't necessarily need blood right now but they think it would be nice for him to have an extra boost going into Christmas. So, once again, thank you to those of you who donate the gift of blood. It truly is a Christmas gift for my dad this year.

Dad has been eating. He weighed himself the other day and he is up to almost 170 lbs. He was hoping to be at 165 by the time he heads into the stem cell transplant so now he has set his goal higher. He doesn't have to be concerned at all about what he eats this holiday season! (He'll likely lose it all again with the stem cell transplant.) As I left their house yesterday a line quoted by Mrs. Claus in Rudolph the Red-nosed Reindeer seemed appropriate -- "Eat, Papa, Eat! Nobody likes a skinny Santa. Eat! Eat!" Dad's hope is to play the part of this jolly old soul for the grandkids again if he's feeling up to it.

Mom was able to enjoy some time taking Traci's kids shopping as she has done in years past. She was also able to attend Nikelle's school Christmas program. And yesterday, she was able to spend a little time with Laney during Maty's school Christmas party. In my opinion, she has been in desperate need of a little normality during this time. Her grandkids are her the best way to bring joy into her life!

It is such a comfort to my heart to anticipate celebrating Christmas as a complete family. This is the best gift this year. Thank you for praying for my parents -- and my entire family. My heart swells as I count all the numerous people out there lifting up requests to God on our behalf. Merry Christmas!

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  1. So glad to hear all of it, Tristi. God truly has blessed you with a wonderful gift of family this year. Enjoy your Christmas!!