Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Dad Update 12-26-07

Dad will go to the hospital tomorrow for a scheduled CT scan and blood tests. The hope is that he will be able to have a stem cell transplant in the new year.

There is concern that his white blood count is quickly increasing. He has been having night sweats and a fever as well as some shortness of breath. Our prayer is that he is just battling some type of infection although the fear is that the cancer may be attacking again.

Dad and Mom went to "the farm" today. They took my Dad's mom with. It was good for my Dad because "the farm" does his heart good. He even bundled up and walked around a bit. I desire so much to be able to spend time again this spring, summer and fall with him and the rest of my family at "the farm". He even gave each of us a lantern and air matress for camping there.

All we can do is continue to pray and wait on the Lord.

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