Monday, December 31, 2007

Dad Update 12-31-07

I just received an update from Mom. They have found swollen lymph nodes through the CT scan and will execute the same form of treatment he had most recently. The IV drip of chemotherapy should start today and he'll likely be in the hospital for at least seven days. If I recall correctly, the IV drip will happen for four consecutive weeks each Monday.

Doctors did find something on Dad's liver. Please pray that it is simply a cyst or something that is of little or no concern. Mom said she is not going to express too much concern about the liver unless the doctors do.

Dad is quite discouraged that he must undergo the chemotherapy once again. He responded well to this chemotherapy last time and we just pray that side effects are not as extreme as the ones that took him to the emergency room in the past.

How great is our God. He allowed our family to cherish a Christmas celebration together and the doctors are still pressing forward with treating my Dad. There is still much hope. There always is hope with our God.


  1. Amen Tristi - our God is truly great indeed!

    I am still praying with & for your Dad, you & your entire family.

    I am hopeful with you!

  2. Kelly, much of the time, just the reminder that someone is out there praying is one of the greatest comforts for my heart. Thank you.