Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Dad Update 12-4-07

Dad received three bags of blood during the day yesterday and two more last night along with a bag of platelets and a bag of something to help the platelets stick together. After the fourth bag of blood, he had enough energy to get up and walk to the bathroom.

His breathing is better. The cardio ecogram that was done came back leaving no concerns about his heart. That was good news.

The CT scan revealed spots on his lungs that bring concern about an infection. It could be nothing but doctors plan to go in to the bronchial tubes without scraping to test for an infection later today or tomorrow. (Not really certain how they are going to do this but they need to be prepared to fight an infection should one be attacking.)

It is believed that there is bleeding in his gastrointestinal tract. Rather than do anything invasive that could introduce infection, doctors have come up with a less intrusive plan of action. Dad will receive platelets around the clock until his platelet count is up to 75. (The highest my mom has heard of it with dad is something like 29.) The hope is that this will allow the bleeding to stop. (Platelets assist in the clotting of blood.)

Dad missed the scheduled IV push of chemotherapy yesterday. The team of doctors decided that he will go ahead and receive that today. Their #1 concern is fighting off the lymphoma/leukemia. They do not believe that this chemo will have a negative effect on anything currently going on with dad. The doctor said that they will go ahead with the chemotherpy schedule and just continue to "sweep aside the side effects as the come".

It seems inevitable that dad will be in the hospital for a while. Although this is not his desire, it is important he be under the watch of the doctors right now.

Thank God for the wisdom He gives to doctors. It's encouraging to hear that they are still fighting this cancer.

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