Friday, December 14, 2007

Hot Chocolate

It’s refreshing to the soul to get together with others who share the same purpose in life. Maria Beck hosted a MOPS cookie exchange last night. On one hand, I was hesitant to attend, as it would mean another night filled on my calendar. Still, Maria Beck is a woman of God whom I admire and an event hosted by her can be counted on to be worthwhile.

Last night, Maria lived up to my expectations and some. She really planned the night well. There was a purpose and she even sent us each home with a reminder of the purpose – a mug with hot chocolate. The reminder is to keep our eyes open for little reminders that God loves us. Maria did that last night simply by opening her home.

As I looked around at the room, I realized that almost every woman there was someone whom I have an extended relationship with outside of MOPS during some season of life. It was a good feeling to be reminded that so many care. Our seasons of life as well as the friends that go with them may change, but God’s love for us is constant. Friends are a reminder of His love for us.

Is your life too full to appreciate the gift of others God places in our lives? Is your schedule too jam-packed to stop and notice others in need of a reminder that God loves them? Are you running around crazy busy unable to stop and appreciate another human being God has placed in your life?

My perspective has changed this year. I’m learning to appreciate every moment I’m given with those I love. None of us are guaranteed tomorrow. Thanks, Maria, for the great reminder that if we just open our eyes we can experience God’s love… even in something as small as a cup of hot chocolate!

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