Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Stay away from the egg nog!

Every year we have a Christmas tradition that just kind of happened. Jaycie reminded me of it the other night while we were running errands.

“Grandma got run over by a reindeer…” was playing in the car as we drove to the grocery store. Jaycie knew it was a familiar tune from watching home videos. “Gaga. Papa,” was all she said to identify the song. Sweet, I thought. Not because she thinks of my mom when she hears the lyrics to this song. Rather, because every year when “Santa” comes to see the grandkids, we sing and dance to this tune that has become so very familiar in our family.

We have footage of my dad dancing with the kids. (It happened to be a year he opted out of playing the part of Kris Kringle.) We didn’t dance much growing up but we make up for it on Christmas Eve Day!

Funny, I never thought a song that speaks of "[Grandpa] drinking beer and playing cards with cousin Mel" could bring me such a mixture of emotions! So, what unusual traditions does your family practice?

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