Tuesday, January 8, 2008

An Apple A Day

I stocked up on fruits and vegetables yesterday at the store. When I have healthy snacks in the house, I tend to eat healthier. After coming home, I looked in the pantry for a snack. Remembering the apples I just bought, I went to the refrigerator and pulled one out. As I washed it, I anticipated the refreshing, satisfying bite of a crisp, crunchy, juicy apple.

Biting into this apple gave me no such kind of satisfaction. It was mushy and soft on the inside. What a disappointment! I don't know why an apple can appear perfect on the outside but the inside is nothing like that outer reflection.

I can't help but compare this apple to myself. So often, my outward appearance (as well as the reflection I put on for others with my personality) may not match what is going on inside of me. What a disappointment to find out that a person you thought you knew well is really nothing like the facade they've been putting forth. It might do us all good if we attempted to match inside and out. Of course, that would mean we'd have to clean up the inside... and that could take a lot of work.