Monday, January 21, 2008

Dad Update 1-21-08

Dad went in today for his final IV push of this round of chemo. His blood counts were extremely low still but the doctor said he was in need of the chemo.

He has been receiving some type of blood transfusion just about every day for the last week or so. He'll meet with his doctor next week to discuss the next step for this "maintenance chemotherapy". It's strange to report with nothing to "hope" for (i.e. the stem cell transplant). Still, I'm grateful he's with us today.

Jaycie still says "Papa. Sick. Better. God." It's a good reminder from my little girl that we still ask God to heal him despite the doctors discouraging reports.

We haven't visited in almost two weeks. Jaycie had a snotty nose last week when I was planning on visiting and Nike has now come down with the same bug. That's a bit frustrating but I don't want to expose him to some sort of infection knowingly with his white blood cell count down near .5.

Thank you to each of you for your continued prayers. I know the sincerity behind your words "we're praying" and I'm grateful.

Please remember to include my father-in-law in your prayers as well. Although I don't believe he'd appreciate my updating everyone on his condition on my blog, he still battles this slow-growing luekemia and he's in our prayers just as often as my dad.

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  1. Your family is in our family's prayers!