Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Loss of Brain Cells

I don't know how true it is, but I've heard it said that women lose brain cells with each pregnancy. My mom loves telling a story about my dopiness from my pregnancy with Jaycie. Bringing it up again the other day, she advised me to post it on the blog.

At the end of my pregnancy with Jaycie, I was trying to decide where Nikelle should go during labor and delivery of her sibling. Should she spend the night with my parents, my in-laws, or one of my siblings? Really uncertain as to which decision was best, I discussed the situation with my mom. "What did I do with Nikelle last time?" She could not control her laughter as she repeated my question, "What did you do with Nikelle when you were giving birth to Nikelle?"

It's a story she loves to tell over and over again. At least those lost brain cells leave memories to laugh about!

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  1. That is hilarious!! You are not alone my friend. I truly can relate. There was a time I was holding Maya not too long ago and as I was doing the head count to make sure all were accounted for I actually asked, "Where's Maya?" I'm looking forward to hearing other's stories - come on, we know you're out there!!