Monday, January 7, 2008

Mrs. Fix-It

Nikelle received a Charlie Brown ornament this year for Christmas. On it, the Peanuts characters are playing hand bells to a familiar Christmas carol. Since she enjoys watching A Charlie Brown Christmas over and over again and her class played the hand bells in her school Christmas program, it seemed like the appropriate ornament to remember 2007. It was until her little sister decided to get a hold of it and pull Linus off. The poor little guy could no longer play the bells. Rod said he would take care of it later (we needed super glue).

This is where I take on the part of the “good” wife. I went to the store and purchased the necessary adhesive. After returning home, I walked past the ornament left on the kitchen counter a few times before it seemed appropriate to fix it myself. After all, Rod has an overwhelming amount of work to do this week at the office. And I reasoned, “Who can’t apply a little super glue?”

I don’t know what happened exactly. After I finished “fixing” the ornament, not only did Linus no longer play the hand bells; the entire ornament forgot how to play music. Frustrated doesn’t even begin to describe the way I felt. I attempted to forget about it and leave it for Rod to deal with (like I should have done originally). “This is why I don’t play the 'good' wife,” I rationalized.

Tonight, Rod and I spent some time together attempting to fix the Peanuts ornament. (No matter how hard I try to “forget” about that type of a problem, it just drives me batty!) Thank God (and I mean that sincerely), we were able to fix the ornament so that it plays music once again and Linus plays hand bells with his head back on. (Did I forget to mention that he lost his head in the process? I did feel like biting somebody’s head off, but this was getting a bit ridiculous!)

Some people might say that God had nothing to do with fixing that ornament. I, however, know that God cares about every detail in my life. With all that’s going on these days, I think He knew I needed that ornament fixed. It might just be a little reminder from Him to let me know that He cares even when we start feeling a bit lost in heartache.

Thanks again, Lord!

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