Monday, January 28, 2008

Thanks, God!

My plan was to go and visit with my parents this past weekend as the girls were better and dad's blood counts were up. Mom called me Friday to ask if it was o.k. if we postponed our visit until later in the day. For the first time in a long time, Dad did not have to expect a visit from the home nurse and he desired to head to the farm. Personally, I thought it was a little cold for the farm but hey, more power to him.

They went out to breakfast in the morning and drove to the farm. Bundled in snowsuit and boots, they took a trek across the farm. A layer of thin ice covering the tall grass gave them each a nice fall. Thankfully, the ice was deceiving and there was no water underneath! They must have spent a good 1-2 hours walking around the property.

When we saw them later in the afternoon, Dad told me that he was on his 7th consecutive day of feeling well (painkillers help in this effort). It was a nice visit. We watched some home videos and had some good conversation. The girls helped Grams make pizza and even had the opportunity to toss the dough in the air.

It was a full afternoon that can make one forget somewhat the gravity of this illness he faces every day. At least for a moment. It was a good visit and I'm grateful he was feeling so much better.

He never dreamed he'd be able to walk that much again and it was very uplifting to him. Thanks, God, for such a good day!

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