Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Dad Update 2-12-08

This morning Mom called to inform me that they were still attempting to manage Dad's pain. She was headed out to get him some breakfast.

This evening she called to tell me that when she got back, he told her that his lips felt swollen. When she asked him to smile, the worst was confirmed. That partial paralysis he had previously (around Labor Day) has returned. Doctors did an MRI and found that there is something pressing on the nerve by his eye. The plan is to do a spinal tap to see if the cancer is once again attacking the nervous system and to administer chemotherapy at the same time to fight against it.

Every day the situation continues to seem so surreal to me. I still cannot believe that my Dad has cancer. That my Dad has been told there is no longer a hope of a cure.

On Sunday, Steve and Laurie prayed with us. Steve prayed for healing for both of our Dads. I thanked him because so many times it's difficult to pray for healing. I don't want to be disappointed or I don't want to make demands of God.

Still, I am reminded that whether God chooses to heal him here on this earth or in heaven, He will answer this prayer and Dad will receive healing.

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  1. Thank God for brothers and sisters in Christ who can give us a twinge of hope here or a glimpse of godly insight there. And thank God for you for sharing it with us. It's always good to be reminded that our God is BIG therefore we should not forget to pray BIG prayers.