Thursday, February 14, 2008

Dad Update 2-14-08

On Sunday night, Dad went into the hospital for pain management after having suffered for a week. The hope was that the pain was associated with the chemotherapy. A couple days ago, we became aware of paralysis in his face once again. An MRI was done and the cancer is now covering the nerves in his head. To say this is sad news is an understatement. There will be no more chemotherapy and Dad has maybe "weeks" left here on this earth with us. He is losing his speech due to the paralysis and he is losing is eye sight as well. This will be a difficult time as we selfishly desire to keep him here with us.

I had been praying that he would live long enough (end of August) to know his next grandchild. Now, my prayer is that this will go quickly for him so that he doesn't need to suffer any longer. Please pray that they can keep his pain under control and that God will be merciful and take him home quickly.

Once again, I am attempting to find comfort in the Bible and music. If anything comes to mind, please send it my way. I'm grateful for all your prayers and your friendships. Despite the bonus year we have been given with Dad, nothing prepares one to say goodbye to someone they love. It just plain hurts.


  1. Tristi,
    We are hurting for you and your family. We love you all and are praying for you.

  2. Tristi,

    We're really sorry to hear the latest. Our hearts break with you all. Please know we are praying hard for you, your dads, and the whole family. "Because He Lives" is one of my favorite songs and seeing the lyrics again helps me to know what to pray for you and Rod.


  3. Tristi,

    I'm so sorry to hear this. There's never a good time to deal with losing someone you love. You're certainly in my prayers. Having the extra year with your dad is certainly a gift from God and I'm glad that you were able to make memories and enjoy him.I pray that his pain would go away and that he suffers no more.