Monday, February 4, 2008

Football and Marriage

I've always been one to play sports. Basketball was a family sport and we all were involved. As for football, it was never really a sport I understood or chose to play. Then I met Rod. Rod is not really into sports. It was actually a reason I contemplated not marrying him. I just didn't see how that would fit into my athletic family. Thankfully, that silly reason did not interfer with my choice and we are here today. Although Rod enjoys involvement in only a very few sports, he has a passion for football. Football season is the most Rod ever spends in front of the T.V.

Over our 11+ years of marriage, I've learned to enjoy watching football. It's important to Rod and he enjoys when I sit and watch a game with him. We have even been able to attend a few Illini games and a Bears game together. Listening to him as he has explained how the game is played has helped immensely. I think that much of my lack of interest in football was simply due to a lack of education.

Last night, we went to Rod's parents' house to watch the Superbowl. His dad was able to go home from the hospital on Friday and they share the love of football. Although I was feeling lousy, I went with and slept on their couch. I only slept during the 2nd and 3rd quarters of the game so I didn't miss the exciting stuff.

I am immensely thrilled that the NY Giants won the game last night. Following the rules is something I am very passionate about. With all the controversy behind the Patriots, it was refreshing to see the underdogs pull this game out. From what I did see, the Giants were well deserving of this win, too. I also think it is nice to see Eli match the accomplishment his brother experienced last year.

With all that said, it's interesting what watching football has done for my marriage. I actually enjoy watching the game and discussing it with my husband now. I've always heard about the importance of sharing similar interests. Since history, computers and science fiction are never something I will really be able to enjoy, football is my way of entering his world. It's rewarding.


  1. Hello Rod and Tristi!

    I was just dinking around with google trying to find old friends/acquantances and found your blog.

    I really appreciated reading a little about how Rod and you are doing.

    I am Mike Gottemoller and you may or may not remember me. Rod was best man at my wedding before we met and I was in your wedding...It was a little while ago now...

    I was hoping you could pass my e-mail address on to

    It is good to hear of your walk with the Lord as I read your blog. I trust that Rod is continuing to walk with the Lord as well!

    Love in Christ,
    Mike Gottemoller

  2. Mike, So good to hear from you! Rod will be thrilled! I'll pass your e-mail along.