Friday, February 8, 2008

Knowledge v. Desperate Desire

The talk last night at MOPS could be a little overwhelming to some. I could see how those not raised to read the Bible consistently or memorize scripture could find their minds spinning with the topic discussed last night.

So, I found myself in a conversation with a friend who was a bit overwhelmed. Here I am listening to her talk about how she'll never be at the level myself or some others seem to be at. Knowing God and knowing scripture. Knowledge. Reading the Bible will tell us what God thinks about knowledge alone.

I told her what was on my mind. She has a desperate desire to know God better. She can honestly say that today, she is closer to God than she was a year ago. Can I say that about myself? To be honest, I'm not so sure.

She challenged me simply through her desire. What good is my knowledge if I don't desperately desire the One the knowledge is about?

To desperately know my Creator. I must desire that if I choose to pass that desire on to my children.

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  1. Another very good point Tristi! I remember Dennis did a serious a while back about different ways people are wired to connect with God. I think sometimes I blind myself to ways I've connected with God throughout my day because they don't look like the cookie cutter ways of connecting with God I'm more accustomed to. And as far as the knowledge goes, boy o boy, there are so many ways we can apply that knowledge to this job called motherhood and homemaker and the other things we manage in life. And the applying it and acting it out definitely come from a deep desire to follow God and love Him with our life. Desire - that's a good one to go to the top of my prayer list!!