Sunday, February 10, 2008

Rude Awakening

Dad has been experiencing a lot of pain lately. It's very similar to the kind of pain he experienced back around Labor Day at the farm. Doctors never identified what the pain was from at that time and we are uncertain as to the current cause. The nurse has advised him that bone pain is one of the side effects of this chemotherapy he had administered on Monday. Yeseterday she laid out a pain management plan to hopefully help him sleep and feel some relief.

Rod's dad is going to begin kidney dialysis on Monday. They will also be administering some type of alternate chemotherapy drug to help combat the leukemia soon.

With both of our dads experiencing the health issues that they do, we realize each night as we fall asleep that tomorrow may not be what we expect.

The other night, we are both sleeping when Jaycie began to cry. Rod graciously went to attend to her so I could continue sleeping. That's when the phone rang. I jumped out of bed, my heart pounding, mind spinning and grabbed the phone.


"Hi. Can I be transferred to..."

A wrong number at 1 a.m. I didn't know which emotion was stronger: irritation or relief.

"You have the wrong number," I stated and hung up.

Rod inquired as to what was happening and I informed him of the situation.

It took a while to fall back asleep. Still, I think relief was the stronger emotion. Thanking God that nothing had changed that we were aware of with either of our dads and praying for relief from the pain Dad is experiencing, I fell back asleep.

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