Saturday, February 23, 2008

Running a Fever

Today Dad was running a fever. There was not really any communication with him. It makes us wonder how much time is really left here on this earth for him. For his sake, I pray it's not long. Mom gave me the privilege of sitting by him for a short while. His body was so hot, I began sweating. It was a moment where I couldn't fight back tears. I don't want him to suffer. Really, though, we don't know how much he truly is suffering. We just expect that he is.

The house is always full of people. Even just between my siblings and myself. Today my maternal grandparents came in from Peoria, my Aunt and Uncle were in from Michigan and most of my dad's siblings as well as his mom came to visit at some point during the day.

It's an exhausting process but comforting at the same time. Most moments he seemed to be resting peacefully. I found myself praying for God to take him soon. I know God is in control, it's just hard to watch him this way.

Thanks to everyone for all the offers to help, the assistance that has been given, friendships and prayers. We're forever grateful.

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