Saturday, February 16, 2008

Today 2-16-08

Today all three of my siblings spent some time with dad. I chose not to go. My decision kept wavering but it ended up being the right one as I took a 3-hour nap this afternoon instead. I am still sick with this pregnancy and spent time with the toilet bowl before I went to bed last night. Today I was just plain worn out and I know that I must take care of myself during all of this.

Dad has been on my mind all day. I've called over there numerous times. I want to be there but also know there is a life still to be lived. I'm not going to allow myself to regret any decisions that I make. There is nothing on my mind that I feel must be said and as I said before, I know he is just waiting for that moment where he can truly live again. This time in eternity - forever. As I remember, he told me that he'll start by worshipping at Jesus' feet.

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