Friday, February 8, 2008

Turn Off

The final benefit (although probably the most important) of attending MOPS last night was that one woman at my table finally called me out on an issue I've been saying I need to overcome for quite some time.

Television is a big stumbling block for me. As I've said before, it's not that T.V. is sinful, it just isn't the best use of my time. I could be doing something that would benefit my relationship with God, my husband, my kids, friendships or my household.

Last night one of the discussion questions was "What is one thing you can cut out of your life to make room for God?" The obvious answer that others knew I would respond with was "television".

Kerri Kristoff called me on it. She said, "I'll e-mail you often to find out if you stick to a commitment we make here today. What is it for you?" She's also placed an ante on it. I owe dinner to a few women if I back out of my commitment first.

My commitment is to not watch T.V. from 3-6. Most people would think that is easy because it is such a busy time with dinner and everything. However, since I feel overwhelmed and exhausted at that moment, it's the easiest moment for me to turn on the T.V. and ignore everything else.

Today has been nice not having the T.V. on quite as much. I've even turned it off for the girls just to have the silence. That's been extremely difficult for me because I like the background noise. I have to say that I've enjoyed Jaycie more today than I have in quite some time.

Each of us have something we can cut out to make room for God. What's yours?


  1. Learning to say no, and not feel guilty about doing so!

  2. I think that one is learned through practice, Rosie!

  3. TV and being too busy are two things that I have learned recently were the culprit in keeping me from personal time with God. Rosie I can so relate with you. And Tristi, I guess it would get easier and easier the more we practice saying no. That definitely makes sense. The tv thing for me isn't a quantity thing. I don't sit for hours and watch it. I just find myself using it to "escape" and I know full well that "escaping" into time with God would be sooo much more beneficial not only for me but for my family. Ayayai - I've got a lot to work on!

  4. Rosie, think of it this way. If you say NO to something, what are you saying YES to? It can be as simple as yes to more time with your kids or husband. Yes to a day without rushing around. But, as Tristi said it is learned through practice.

  5. i also like background noise...i find that having the radio on (for me, wmbi 90.1) or various cds (esp. worship) is extremely helpful for me and the kids! it stays on most of the day