Tuesday, March 25, 2008


For the past year, I've pretty much let the house go. I have clutter everywhere. Generally, I pride myself in being pretty organized. Recently, I find myself overwhelmed and unable to feel a sense of accomplishment with anything I do. This is what I've been attempting to work on lately. Still, there is always something requiring my time that keeps me from cleaning up the stacks.

This past weekend we didn't have the kids but I was hosting Easter. With that behind us, now would seem like an ideal time to get rid of some of the clutter. This week, however, I'm attempting to get on board the potty training wagon. It would be good if Jaycie was fully potty trained by the time this third child joins the family.

Just one more reason why blogging is not taking a priority in my life. It's time to unclutter my house, my mind and my heart. I realize this will be a long process. And yet, I know it will be well worth it in the end.


  1. Tristi, while I'm not quite ready yet to get on the potty training wagon with Maya, I am right there with you as far as the decluttering - house, mind and heart. We'll be working on this individually, but together all at the same time!

  2. I already mentioned on my blog that I'm a packrat! It's so sad. I can get things cleaned up for company (with a few days notice!), but it doesn't stay that way long.
    I so know where you are coming from!

  3. We are following close behind with the potty training. Emily already runs after me telling me when she has made a mess in her diaper. As for the decluttering, we are trying to do that as we move. No need to move stuff when don't want or need. I like Cheryl's thought of decluttering the house, mind and heart!