Tuesday, April 1, 2008

The Critters in our Yard

There are few things I find more disgusting than an opposum. I don't know why, I just do.

While vacuuming the family room, I looked out the back window to see a huge one. "Nike, look out the back window. There's a huge possum out there. It's really gross." "I don't want to," was the response I received. Not really sure why the enticing words I spoke wouldn't have encouraged my little princess to go running to the window as I look back on it now.

I assured the dog that she was not going to be let outside to play at the moment and went to vacuum again. I heard a little voice inform me, "Besides Mom, they're nocturnal. It wouldn't be outside right now." Funny. That didn't even come to my mind until the educational reminder came from my Kindergartener.

It seems like our yard is a place for all the animals to come these days. Skunks come for the grubs. The possum came for whatever reason it decided to. The birds like the bushes as well as the water from our sump pump. And after reading Dennis' blog lately, I've figured out why the squirrels keep coming back as well.

I've been shaking my head over why the dumb animals keep coming to our yard when Pup has actually killed a couple of them. Now I know that these little rodents are being delievered from Channahon with free transportation from my pastor. Can I just ask, Dennis, if you don't want them, what in the world makes you think we do? Honestly, are you bringing other critters to Joliet as well or is it just the privileged squirrels? Here's a big thank you from our dog.

As I conclude this post, our disgusting gray friend just made his trip back through our yard once again. Pup's whining alerted me to it. Maybe our yard is just a convenient way for the animals to travel after safely crossing Larkin.


  1. hmmm, maybe your yard has been designated the 'Joliet Welcome Wagon' for Displaced Channahon Privileged Squirrels.

    yep, that would explain it...

    poor little baby squirrels all think their daddy ran away from home

    that's wrong, Dennis, just wrong

  2. We had a possum living under our deck at the Manor Court house. Maybe it hitched a ride over to your house when we moved on Saturday. I will not miss that possum though!

  3. Don't get me started on possums! I've been trapped in a garage twice by them!!! Once in Joliet and once recently. I don't like them either!