Monday, April 14, 2008

Fighting the Cancer Giant

For the past couple of weeks, Dad Carlson has been undergoing radiation. He has also been continuing the dialysis for his kidneys. Radiation occurs on Monday, Wednesday and Friday. Dialysis is Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday. His only day off is Sunday. To say his body is exhausted would be an understatement.

At church yesterday, I heard our Pastor say something like this: "You may die fighting the giant, but if you don't fight the giant, you will surely die." That made me think of my dad as well as Rod's. Dad Tuttle would have died a year earlier had he not underwent all the battles to fight the giant of cancer in his life. God blessed us with the additional year with him. Dad Carlson is facing a similar situation right now. He has to undergo dialysis and other treatments in order to continue fighting.

It's hard to see what these different treatments do to a person. I know he is anxious for the radiation treatments to be completed. He's hopeful that he will be able to do more in life when chemotherapy begins as the treatments won't be as constant as the radiation. He is weak and thin. His back has been his main complaint and continues to be. Today he is meeting with doctors and we are anxious for some reports.

I'm grateful research has come so far and they are able to treat so many different diseases. At the same time, it's disheartening that diseases attack and that there are so many lousy side effects to so many treatments.

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