Thursday, April 3, 2008

I might just be able to handle three...

Ordinarily, I despise going grocery shopping with the kids. They generally start fighting over some silly thing. Whining and complaining are far from absent on our trips as well.

Today, I absolutely had to go to the grocery store. We were running out of food. Rod has had to be creative with what he's taken to lunch this week. Milk and bread as well as other staple foods have been depleting quickly. All that being said, I put grocery shopping at the top of my priority list this morning.

The girls were so well behaved. I wasn’t amazed by any means although pleasantly surprised might be an appropriate description for my response. Jaycie sat appropriately in the front of the cart as Nike stepped onto the back, holding on and enjoying the ride. (This was the first time she attempted to experience grocery shopping this way.) I cannot think of one time I had to lecture them or give them "the look". For the first time, I think I might just be able to handle shopping with three kids in the future. I believe it might just be possible. The girls were even rewarded with Bubble Tape at the check-out line.

Feeling generous as I was, we headed to McDonald’s to take home some lunch. As I was praising the girls on their good behavior, Nikelle spoke up. “We’re probably the best kids you’ve ever had."

I think that just might be true.


  1. Oh, this is just too sweet!

    Just think Tristi, if things get crazy in the grocery store (and they will sometimes), you can always start your own "Adventures in Grocery Shopping" series.

    I've found I handle the situations better when I think about how they're going to look in writing!

  2. I was thinking about you while doing this post. I'm just not sure if your "Adventures in Grocery Shopping" encourage me that I can do it with three or make me just want to hibernate!

  3. Yes, three is possible. Even four! I don't do it often, but there are times I have to do a quick grocery trip with all four of them. It truly is an exhilirating feeling when I can walk out and feel all has gone well. My most recent trip with all four went really well. I tried to note to myself what ingredients could've made it that way. One thing I noticed was that I had a list of items (about 7) and I gave the list to Gabe. This really seemed to keep them focused. Also, the whole "1 hand on the cart at all times" rule works well most of the time. Of course, there's times I remember when the kids were younger, particularly Josh, when he used to blurt out whatever was on his mind to whoever happened to be passing by. Those were some good times . . .

  4. You can also remember one day they will all be in school and you can once again shop alone! Kaitlyn is looking over my shoulder and says, "You're mean!"
    For anyone who has kids in preschool, I have a great plan if you can find a willing cohort! While Kaitlyn, A.J. and Alaina were each in preschool a friend of mine had kids in the same class. We took turns each day picking up one for preschool and dropping off one (or two) at the house of the other. Whoever delivered the preschool kids got a few hours to do whatever. After picking them back up, lunch for us moms would be picked up on the way back and whoever stayed home made lunch for the kids. It worked out great! We had a much needed break and terrific company as well.