Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Potty Training and Grocery Shopping

As I thought about what I would give the girls for lunch yesterday, it was obvious that we were in need of a trip to the grocery store once again. There weren't any options to give them for lunch.

I decided to stop at McDonald's before the grocery store because it would help make the time in the store a bit easier. The girls and I ate lunch there but I should have allowed more time. Just as we were about done eating, Jaycie decided it was the appropriate time to identify her bodily urges.

"Mommy, JayJay potty," she informed me. "Seriously?" was my first thought. It has been a battle to get her to inform us of the need to go potty BEFORE she actually goes. Tempted to just let her go in her pull-up so we could get on with our errand, I made the decision instead to be a good mom. I cleaned up our table and took the girls into the bathroom. Surprisingly, she didn't yell when I lifted her above the big toilet. Her pull-up was dry and we quickly heard her say, "Jaycie did it!"

It was a good start to our trip to the grocery store. Looking at my watch however, it was now almost noon. We had less than a half an hour to obtain everything on the grocery list and still get Nikelle to Kindergarten on time. Informing the girls of the need for their cooperation, we hurried through the store.

They both reminded me of their "need" for Pop Tarts, as well as other items they like to have at home. For the second grocery shopping trip in a row, they were very well behaved. We even had Nike to school on time!

Thinking back on these last couple of trips, there may be a couple factors that helped make things a bit smoother. First, I shopped off of a grocery list rather than wandering down the aisles. Second, I had both of them helping in some way, shape, or form. Third, I didn't deny much of what they asked for. This third factor, in and of itself, may just be the key to grocery shopping and avoiding problems with the kids!

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