Friday, May 16, 2008

Current book read

I've decided to let potty training go to the wayside. She has not been cooperating. To be honest, I'm just not certain Jaycie gets it. I'm just going to wait until we have some consistent warm weather, no school schedule to maintain for Nikelle and then attempt once again. I still ask her to go but I'm no longer getting irritated because it's not a priority at the moment.

I'm also working on dealing with some of her little behavioral flaws. Throwing fits, for example. I picked a book off my shelf yesterday by Kevin Leman entitled Making children mind without losing yours. I believe my sister gave it to me as a gift a couple years ago. The author suggests placing the child alone in their room or walking away from them when they throw a fit. This way they learn there is no audience. I know this and thought I've even applied it. Yesterday and today have been much better days being certain of following this mindset. I just finished telling her what a good girl she's been this morning. I thanked her for being a "big" girl. Her response was to smile and laugh showing me she completely understands.

So many things to continue working on. Nike told Jay yesterday that she was going to "punch her in the face" after she crumpled one of her papers she colored. It's the influence of those friends on the outside that I have to explain I will take away if I hear that kind of threat again. Thinking back, I believe my immediate response was "I'll beat your butt if I hear you say that again." I don't think that my threat encourages her to discontinue hers. Especially considering the emptiness of it in that I've never spanked her. That's when I began to discuss her responsibility as the big sister and the influence of her friends.

I really like the title of this book. I often feel as though I'm losing my mind. If I can get them to obey and behave while keeping what little of my mind is left intact, we'll be doing well.


  1. Hey Tristi,
    It's funny to hear you talking about the things Jaycie is doing because it sounds all too familiar. Must be the 2 1/2 year old thing I guess. (At least that's the excuse I'm giving myself). Emma is in a very similar stage. It's easy to tell they're about the same age. After she gets spanked she usually says, "Mommy, no spanka me!" The potty training is going about the same for us too. Emma knows HOW to go on the potty and if I remind her, she can usually make it. But, she doesn't want to quit playing long enough to remember on her own. We should get together soon. Sounds like we'd have a lot to talk about!! Maybe we can do the zoo again this summer. I'm sure Emma would love to be with her cousins! We're praying for you all! Love you!


  2. Thanks for commenting, Jenny! It does sound all too familiar! The zoo would be fun again this year... or definitely something! Thanks for the prayers. Love you, too.