Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Purchasing a Swingset

We've tossed around the idea of getting a swingset for quite some time now. On Saturday, we headed to the store to purchase one of the cheaper nonwooden sets that were on sale. We took the ticket to the cashier, paid for the item and pulled the van up to pick up our new purchase.

The girls were getty with glee. Jaycie kept asking, "Where swing?"; "Where slide?" Nikelle in all of her excitement stated "I really am a princess!" "Why do you say that?" I inquired. "Because my dreams really do come true!" she exclaimed.

Sadly, this store that we don't visit very often did not have their inventory up to date and informed Rod later that they were out of this item. As the girls and I waited in the van, the girls continued talking about the fun they would have in the yard. Rod came out quite some time later after quite a fiasco with receiving a refund. We then attempted to explain to our confused children as to why Daddy did not have the swingset with him.

Thankfully, the store did give us a raincheck. Still, their was a disappointment in all that could have been prevented.

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